Better hand recovery from home.

Imago Rehab provides virtual occupational therapy to stroke survivors who want to maximize their upper limb recovery.

Regain your hand movement with the help of Imago Rehab virtual occupational therapy

We’re helping you beat the odds.


of stroke survivors don’t recover their hand function


American stroke survivors with lasting hand impairment


of stroke survivors don’t return to driving, making attendance for in-person therapy challenging and inconvenient

High intensity rehab is needed for recovery; 300+ arm movements are needed per day to change the brain.

Imago Rehab occupational therapy services can be covered under Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Harvard Pilgrim Health care health insurance
Imago Rehab occupational therapy's services are covered by medicare, blue cross blue shield of MA, harvard pilgrim health care and more

We’re currently operating in Massachusetts where our services are covered by Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. We may be able to process other insurances out-of-network and we can offer self-pay packages for eligible clients.

Convenient scheduling

Our telehealth appointments make it easier to fit therapy into your schedule. No driving time required.

Improved Outcomes

We’re committed to helping you regain independence and get the results you want.

Expert Care Teams

Our expert stroke-focused Occupational Therapists will guide you through high-intensity, high-repetition rehab using an evidence-based program, all from the comfort of home.

Telehealth is an excellent tool. You’ve taught me enough to figure things out on my own.

– Stroke Survivor, 8 Years Post-Stroke

The people are great and responsive. I enjoy the people I work with…It makes it easy to sign on and get therapy when you like the people.

– Stroke Survivor, 2 Years Post-Stroke

It’s the whole picture. It’s the telehealth that’s really the feather in your hat. The combo is really powerful.

– Stroke Survivor, 8 Years Post-Stroke

You gotta commit the time for sure. It’s not going to be easy, but the home program will give you the structure to get you the building blocks that you need, so double down!

– Stroke Survivor, 8 Years Post-Stroke
Learn what Imago Rehab patients have to say about our approach

What do Imago Rehab clients say about our approach?

Learn how Imago Rehab is different than other therapy practices

How is Imago Rehab different from other therapy practices?

Imago Rehab is partnered with prestiges organizations and companies.
Imago Rehab virtual occupational therapy partners with AARP, Harvard innovation labs, Masschallenge, afya, cybernetix ventures, launchpad venture group, and safar partners

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