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Devices & Digital Therapy

The world of neurorehabilitation is embracing an exciting wave of digital therapies and devices, offering innovative ways to enhance recovery and empower patients. Imago uses a combination of proprietary and third-party technologies with their patients and, depending on the needs of each individual, your Imago therapist may recommend one or more of these:

Virtual Reality (VR):
  • Immersive environments: VR simulations can recreate real-life scenarios like walking down a busy street or reaching for objects on a shelf, promoting functional skill practice in a safe and engaging way.
  • Improved motivation: The interactive nature of VR can boost engagement and make therapy more enjoyable, leading to better adherence and potentially faster progress.
Augmented Reality (AR):
  • Overlaid guidance: AR overlays real-time visual cues or instructions onto the user’s environment, offering real-time feedback and support during daily activities like cooking or using public transportation.
Robot-Assisted Therapy:
  • Intensified training: Robotic devices can provide precise, controlled movements, allowing for repetitive practice and potentially accelerating muscle retraining and coordination improvement.
  • Reduced therapist burden: Robots can assist with physically demanding tasks, freeing up therapists to focus on other aspects of patient care.
Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs):
  • Direct brain communication: BCIs translate brain signals into commands for controlling external devices, offering new possibilities for communication and even movement restoration in some cases.
Digital Games and Apps:
  • Gamified therapy: Interactive games and apps can make cognitive and motor skill training more engaging and motivating, leading to improved adherence and potentially better outcomes.
  • Remote monitoring: Some apps allow therapists to remotely monitor patients’ progress and activities, enabling adjustments and personalized support even outside therapy sessions.

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