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Kyrstin Hensley

Tone vs. Spasticity Part 2: What can I do about it?

If you didn't read our previous post: Tone vs Spasticity Part 1, check that out first! Now that we know all about tone and spasticity, let’s talk about how we manage it. These symptoms are typica...

3 minutes

Tone vs. Spasticity Part 1: What is it?

Tone? Spasticity? What do all of these words mean and how does this relate to me after a stroke? After having a stroke, you have countless words and phrases tossed at you and a lot of times people don...

2 minutes

How does telehealth occupational therapy WORK?

When we talk to prospective clients about our virtual occupational therapy program for adults with stroke...this is the question we get asked the most: "How does telehealth occupational therapy WOR...

3 minutes

“The person I am now is a stronger person”: A dramatic story of successful stroke recovery.

"This is going to be one hell of a story" Last winter, college hockey player Jack Smiley took what was probably his millionth hit from another player on the ice one afternoon in practice. But at that...

3 minutes

Get to know the Imago OTPs: Part 4

Occupational Therapy month is almost over and so is our series on our Imago Rehab OTPs (occupational therapy practitioners). We are so glad you took the time to meet our team. Our blog series on our O...

3 minutes

Get to Know the Imago OTPs: Part 3

Occupational Therapy month is coming to an end and we have two therapists left to introduce to the world! Our blog series on our OT team at Imago Rehab continues with the gracious and encouraging Mica...

4 minutes

Get to know the Imago OTPs: Part 2

Occupational Therapy month continues as we work toward the end of April. Many of our OT counterparts are at the American Occupational Therapy Association conference in Kansas City this week and we wis...

2 minutes

Get to know the Imago OTPs: Part 1

Happy OT month to all OTs, COTAs, and people who receive, love, and support the occupational therapy profession! For over 100 years occupational therapy has been changing lives across the lifespan and...

3 minutes

Caregivers: Helping by … not helping??

When your loved one has a stroke Hearing the news that your loved one has had a stroke is life-altering and probably thought of as one of the worst days of your life. The person you love is likely un...

3 minutes

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